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Cycling in ecological zone



 I. Overview of the Conservation of Nature and Culture Park in Dong Nai

Nature Conservation and Culture Dong Nai (NR) was first established in 2004, is the scientific business unit with revenues under the People's Committee of Dong Nai Province, located in the SUF system and cultural heritage of Vietnam South.

Protected Area Sub-urgent ecological conservation areas (areas SA5-Dong Nai river basin - WWF, 2001) located in the Truong Son Mountain ecosystems, one of the world's 200 ecological important identified in the "Global 200 Eco-regions". Priority habitat is defined by the Vietnam Conservation Fund (VCF 2003-2004).

Conservation Area was established with the goal of restoring the biodiversity of natural forest ecosystems native of the Dong Nai River Basin and Southeast regions; create vast range nature conservation connected to Cat Tien National Park, habitat conservation and migratory wildlife species, in service of nature conservation associated with the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical value of the cell area, to the revolutionary tradition education and eco-tourism development, opening up many opportunities for cooperation and investment with international organizations on nature conservation, biodiversity conservation, facilitate beneficial to register Reserve World Biosphere Reserve.

The total lands area of ​​the reserve more than 100,303 ha, including: 67 903 ha of forest land and 32,400 hectares of water surface (Tri An reservoir). Conservation Area is located in the province of Phu Ly, Ma Da, Hieu Liem, the town of Vinh An Eternal district, Thanh Son district, Tan Phu; Phu Cuong and Phu Ngoc, La Nga and Ngoc Dinh Dinh District Quan; Thanh Binh Trang Bom district, Gia Tan Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province. Conservation Area is located north of Dong Nai province; Binh Duong Province to the west; north province. 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City and Bien Hoa city about 40 miles (located next to the Tri An Hydropower Plant). Besides the value of biodiversity, the former revolutionary base areas also exists the famous War Zone D.

This is one of the special-use forests have the largest natural area in Vietnam. Characteristic of forest ecosystems of the Southeast region, exist in many species of wildlife, including many rare and endangered species in the Red Data Book of Vietnam and the world's IUCN Red List.

According to a survey of Division South Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources Research Institute of Aquaculture II (2008-2009). Plant and animal resources in protected areas are diverse in species and number of individuals, initial survey noted:

Plants: 1401 plants, belonging to 589 genera, 156 families, 92 orders, 10 classes in 06 different vegetable industry in the Reserve. Of these, 06 species of endemic plants of Dong Nai, as: Cu Dong Nai lights; Dong Nai Lat flowers; random Bien Hoa; Butterfly silver Bien Hoa; House to; trends Bien Hoa, 02 rare species discovered in NR trees Vap in their meals, Kim bamboo, they fall over, there are 103 species of medicinal plants.

The Biosphere Reserve located in the southern region of the transition from the Animate Mountains through the South East down the Mekong River Delta. Therefore, the fauna and flora closely related to the fauna and flora of South Truong Son.

Forest vegetation in protected areas, including forest types: the type of tropical moist evergreen rain; types of closed tropical moist semi-deciduous forest; closed deciduous forest type of tropical moisture (RKR).

Animals: 1,729 wild animals, insects belonging to 238 families, 52 of the animals and insects live in the reserve. In particular, there are many species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam, such as: elephant, clouded leopard, sun bear, gaur, black Douc, hung chicken, chicken red cash injections How gray cheeks ... including:

Interesting: there are 85 species belonging to 27 families and 10 orders. Including 36 rare species, endemic to the Philippines and Southeast Asia like gaurs, elephants, bears, wolves fire ... ; 19 species listed in the IUCN Red List; 26 species listed in the Red Data Book of Vietnam; 2 Vietnamese endemic and 9 endemic in the region.

Birds: 259 species of birds belonging to 53 families and 18. Including 21 rare species of birds, 12 species listed in the Red Data Book of Vietnam; 11 species listed in the IUCN Red List.

II. Reptiles: 64 species belonging to 13 families and 02 orders.

Frogs, fake: there are 33 species belonging to 05 families and 01 orders. Of the 97 species of reptiles and amphibians, 25 species of rare, 12 species listed in the IUCN Red List; 21 species listed in the Red Data Book of Vietnam.

Fish: 99 species were identified, belonging to 29 families and 11 orders. Salient features of the natural aquatic ecosystem in the reserve are freshwater fish, habitat of many species of fish, many of which are rare, endangered and listed in the Vietnam Red Book as Arowana fish, especially as the species adapted to the upstream river water flowing far from the freshwater fish distribution in the delta of the Mekong River Basin, the Dong Nai River or Saigon River.

Insects: 1189 species belonging to 112 families and 10 orders

1. Natural landscape
Stone Park
With an area of ​​about 160 hectares in the commune Hieu Liem, located next to the forest to vast and along streams Ms. Hao, year round water, there are many wild rapids, wonderful natural landscape, the rocks next link each other, forming a complex of natural stone more attractive fancy shapes, next to this area (3 km) tunnel relics Spirit will be renovated in spring 2011.
Constraints Falls
Located in the province of Phu Ly, with an area of ​​about 14 ha. Waterfall is interesting places to visit. With nearly 5 meters high waterfall with water all year round, surrounded by a forest operators interwoven bamboo wood, representative of typical forest landscape evergreen style, ideal for sightseeing, picnic summer.

2. The lake in the reserve
In the reserve, there are many lakes, such as Lake Ms. Hao, lakes Nurseries and especially Tri An reservoir, flooded area at around 32,400 ha mixed with some small islands on the lake. This is the ideal place to develop fisheries and aquaculture; invites investment in tourism development, especially in the sport as though pulling, canoe water slide; resort on the island between the lakes; take of friends farming villages, recreational fishing ...

3. History and Culture
In areas protected area with 03 historical recognized as a national monument, which is: based South East Area Committee (1962-1967); based Southern Central Committee (1961-1962); Spirit Stream tunnel. This is a revolutionary base in the second period of resistance against the French and American military and civilian Southeast, including relics based Central Eastern Area Committee and the State Department of the South was identical investment, embellished. You find down some famous battles from Wikipedia as the links follow:

- Battle of Suoi Bong Trang
- Battle Gang Toi
- Operation Hump

In protected areas where ethnic minorities live Choro long stick in Phu Ly, is the nation who have made significant contributions to the revolution in two wars and has own special cultural nuances, in 2009 The State has developed and put into use long tradition of ethnic Choro.

4. Infrastructure and transportation, contact
Conservation Area is located near large urban transport system quite well linked to the national highway system, besides favorable communication systems, covering the entire protected area.

III. Types of tourism

1. Cultural-historical tourism - spiritual
With famous War Zone D, will help meet the demand for resources, learn the process of formation and development of the national liberation revolution, inspire love of country, love their homeland; learn distinct cultural identity of the nation Choro. Which include cultural factors such as food, shelter, clothing, behavior, communication, folk festivals, traditional festivals and more ...

2. Ecotourism - Resort
Ecological factors in the reserve is mainly natural, with all the basic elements, rich, wild animals and forest vegetation, exotic natural landscapes, there are many large lakes, special landscape Tri An immense lyrical romantic, fresh air feeling of peace and relaxation after their hard work.

Follow these types of tourism services from low to high, from semi-professional to professional in areas such as: dining, recreation, entertainment, photos, souvenirs, transportation, holding, carrying household items, instructions, explanations ...

3. The tourist routes in the reserve
Tourist routes: Tri An hydropower plant - Deer farming village, Nai Hieu Liem ancient pottery kiln - Stream tunnels Spirit - Stone Park - Eastern Area Committee bases monuments - monuments based Central Bureau of South - Binh Phuoc.
Tourist routes: Centre for Ecology and Culture - History of War Zone D (Ba Hao) - Choro ethnic village - operation Rang - Chau Ma ethnic village (Bu CHAP) - Cat Tien National Park - Da Lat.
Tourist routes: Centre for Ecology and Culture - History of War Zone D (Ba Hao) - Ó Island - Dong School - La Nga fishing village friends - Dalat.
Tourist routes: Preview night in Bau Cassava (Hieu Liem), Trang Min (Rang Rang).

Each line has many tourist destination, visitors can go out or to a few stops, depending on the requirements and service needs, explanations and catering to tourists.

IV. Scientific research activities

1. The project is being implemented
- Project survey, construction template list and forest animals and plants: project completed by the end of 2009;
- Investment projects and reforestation planting large trees indigenous regions War Zone D, Dong Nai Province, from 2009 to 2015, is currently made in year 2;
- The project master plan for protected areas are under construction;
- Construction Project Data System for Ecology and Culture - History of War Zone D is in progress, scheduled for completion in 2010;
- The project "Capacity building management, monitoring biodiversity conservation in protected areas 2009-2010" was approved by the Vietnam Conservation Fund, is scheduled to end in 2009.

2. Some programs are implemented
- Communication Programs, Environmental Education
Reserve in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) organization of environmental protection, green building 11 Club in schools in the region and beyond, the program has been highly very successful. In addition, the reserve in conjunction with local government organizations and 01 student hostels in Ma Da commune, with 12 rooms for 56 students having difficulties staying.

- Investment program of socio-economic development buffer
This is one of the main operational objectives of the protected areas are: Organization supporting production operations in order to create jobs, stable life for people in the buffer zone, in order to reduce pressure on forests. Conservation Area are participating same DPC Eternal, arrange project construction, residential stability in two communes Ma Da, Hieu Liem, the project is being implemented. In addition, through the introduction of Winrock Internationnal, the next time the reserve will joint venture with Pole Position growing organization and production of furniture exports, handicraft items technology from materials of non-timber forest products, to create more jobs for people in the region and generate additional revenue for the reserve.

V. These programs need to call support, investment
+ Construction Forestry Development Fund of Dong Nai Province;
+ Construction Wildlife Rescue Center;
+ Project on the socio-economic investment in the communes in the buffer zone of the reserve, creating corridors to conserve biodiversity in the region;
+ Construction Project National Garden medicinal plants in protected areas;
+ Project Limited, the control of invasive alien species (Mimosa pigra);
+ Project planning, development of eco-tourism investment;
+ Project management, protection and development of aquatic resources Tri An reservoir;
+ Investment projects to build infrastructure for the management of forest protection;
+ Support building systems milestone to understand the stability of forest protected areas with local parts and boundary demarcation in the field.

The process of performing the tasks ahead are many difficulties and challenges, but also opened up many opportunities for the Reserve. Nature conservation tasks in the current period are essential, urgent and requires due to the participation of the whole society. It is looking forward to the investment and support from organizations and individuals at home and abroad, and conservation reserve accelerates the process unit ./.

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